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Historic Village, rural community, industry and emplyment, riverside and tourism.

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The Big Lunch

Sunday 12th June 2016

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2466_villagers The Neighbourhood Plan

This is your local Roecliffe & Westwick communication location.


Your input is most important - please pass on your news, comments, or any articals of interest to Richard Booth

Village Parking


This issue was very high on the recent village survey.

What is your view?

If keeping the beautiful village centre is important to you, and minimising the ugly intrusion of parked cars on and around The Green, then we need to push for action. Can a location for a Car Park convenient to the Village centre be found? Do you have any location ideas.

Should 'yellow lines' be introduced to make sure that people use a new Car Park?

It is proposed that photographs will be taken of bad and intrusive car parking. Can you help?


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A Village 'meeting place'


Another issue that attracted high comment on the Survey was that of a 'Meeting Place'. Both the Church as a general community facility and the Village School were mentioned.

The use of the Church is to be more fully investigated, and then perhaps some costs can be investigated.

A meeting has already taken place with Kerry Dalton at Roecliffe School.  

Kerry stressed that local groups would be welcome to use the facilities and the possibility of adult education classes were discussed. There is a room upstairs which has computing equipment in and which could be utilised for presentations and classes. Further discuss will take place.

Have you any thoughts?


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Harrogate Borough Council

Waste & Recycling Collection Service: Schedule of Collections


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W I Roecliffe School
Neibourhood Watch War Graves

War Graves in Roecliffe


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