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The Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that Roecliffe and Westwick continues to thrive as a distinct village community, proud of its long history and its tradition of offering the advantages of rural living in the heart of the countryside along with easy access to the amenities of the city, nearby market towns and the rich cultural heritage of North Yorkshire. The Neighbourhood Plan will preserve and improve the much cherished character and qualities of the village, both physical and social, and secure its long term identity, sustainability and vitality through planned and structured growth.


The Neighbourhood Plan will seek to achieve this by:


    •  Encouraging proportionate housing development which is appropriate to the needs and wishes of residents in terms of volume, size and architectural design. The

        priorities identified in the Housing Needs Survey are provision within the village for older residents wishing to downsize, and of affordable homes for younger

        residents wishing to establish independent households.

    •  Preserving the green belt, and the Village Conservation Area, consistent with the needs of the community and the environment, as well as the Village Green and

       the Roecliffe Common

    •  Maintaining and improving the quality and character of the built environment.

    •  Maintaining and improving the sustainability, quality and biodiversity of the natural environment.

    •  Improving public highway safety and amenity, through better traffic management.

    •  Identifying Assets of Community Value within the village, especially those which make major contributions to the character of Roecliffe and Westwick, with a view

       to ensuring their sustainability in the long term.

   *  Encouraging appropriate business and commercial activity. This includes not only sectors of traditional importance (notably agriculture), but also support for the

       increasing numbers who wish to work from home, and proportionate additional commercial and retail activity where it can add to both the economy and the social

       fabric of the village.

   •  Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles, and strengthening the social fabric of the community, by developing and improving sport and leisure provision.

   •  Improving pedestrian and cycle access throughout the Parish by maintaining, extending and frther connecting the network of footpaths and bridleways, to enhance

       and secure its position as an ideal location for walking, cycling and equestrian activities.



Dave Siswick(Chairman)31st. March, 2015.

Creating a Neighbourhood Plan

For Roecliffe and Westwick

So, what is the Neighbourhood Plan all about ?

Vision Statement

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