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Open Meeting at Roecliffe Primary Schcool, 8th October 2016


Present: Scott Green (Chair), Jim Bolland (Sec), John Newberry, John Mitchell, Richard Booth, Joyce Reeve, Stuart Varley, Jackie Wilson, Brenda Barker, Martin Jones, Geoff & Jean Powell, Ian & Suzanne Campbell, Nick & Sue Baird, Rosalyn Winn, Mervyn & Anne Braithwaite, Margaret Thomas, Heather Lawson, Paul Say, Pat Pratt, Ann Green, Glen Ogden.

Apologies: Andrew Baldwin, Dave & Janet Siswick, Jo Mitchell, Kerry Dalton, Jill Bolland, Keith Pettitt, John Davison, Mary-Jane Ogden, John & Susan Fieldhouse.


Scott welcomed everyone to the meeting and appealed for any new email addresses.


Presentation of Results of Village Questionnaire

Paul Say gave a quick update, since the results had been summarised at the Parish Assembly on April 14th, 2016. He highlighted that 75% of people said they wished to be kept updated on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP), and 20% of people said they would help. Major issues Traffic in village, speed of traffic, parking in the village, a meeting place.


Traffic and Parking

Paul Say and Dave Siswick had had meetings with primary Stakeholders, Reed Boardall, Payne’s Dairies, Roecliffe CofE Primary School and NYCC. Reports of their visits are attached and should be read in conjunction with discussions at this meeting.


Reed Boardall – Reed Boardall wish to work closely with the village. They are prepared to hold Open Days for residents. They do not forsee any increase in their traffic volume in the near future. It might go down with the changing order pattern of their customers. Have their own drivers and work with Independent companies. Work to educate them where to park and inspect at 6.00am and 9.00pm in local streets to make sure they are not parking illegally and if so they have language posters to tell them where to park. See Report on meeting


Payne’s Dairies -  Recently purchased land to park their vehicles at the bottom of Brickyard Road. Therefore they will have more space on their work site The Maintenance Shed will be pulled down since all maintenance of vehicles will move to Dalton Therefore room to expand? There will be more movement of vehicles from site to parking. Discussed littering outside site and also anti-social behaviour of some of their driver. See report on meeting


Roecliffe CofE Primary School Met with Kerry Dalton, the Headmistress. On the parking issue great understanding and sympathetic to issues. Regular communication with parents. Wondered if signs could be improved by putting more on school railings? No road signs Discussed use of parking bay outside school which is intended for parents to drop children off, but is often full of residents cars. Parish Council to address. Discussed speed of parent’s on Bar Lane which has been communicated. There is a National Road Safety week coming up after half term. See report on meeting


Regarding parking; Karl at The Crown has told the school that The Crown car park is available for parents when dropping/picking up children from school, if space. Also major problems with Crown Inn parking when weddings, wakes etc etc. Dangerous parking on apex to village green. Discussed how to make additional car parking. No new land available We can investigate new grass creting around the village green although has been looked into into the past and there are sewerage pipes plus service equipment and tree roots. Only other Common land we have is Roecliffe Common and it was suggested grass creting up Sheaflands Lane. P.C. to discuss. This wouldn’t help school pick up/drop off.  A “walking bus” from Bar Lane Industries into the village was proposed. Double yellow lines around the village green. Suggested and dismissed as wouldn’t be policed and spoils the attractiveness of the village. There is also lack of clarity as to who can use the existing grass crete. All issues for the P.C. to discuss. It was suggested that the less traffic parked on the road, the higher speed of traffic!


N.Y.C.C. & Highways – Followed up Freedom of Information request regarding speed check on Bar Lane in March 2015. In an East to West direction there were 44000 journeys in total ie. 3000 per day. Average speed 31 mph. Discussion focussed  on speeding. Many appear to go above speed limit and should there be traffic calming measures?  NYCC feel that since no fatalities nothing needs doing including speed checks.. They feel road and footpath are quite adequate to take the volume of traffic. A 20 mph sign on entering Roecliffe might slow traffic down, and if not there near the school. This was rejected by NYCC and anyway police wouldn’t enforce. On HGV illegal parking they thought sufficient signs and nothing further to do! But in fact there is lack of HGV signs and the P.C. are working to bring up to date. Roecliffe is not a priority for flashing speed signs. NYCC have scarce resources but are open to private funding. Overall a very negative meeting! See report on meeting


Further discussion on where is Roecliffe in the pecking order of priority? We would like a 20 mph speed zone. The P.C. to investigate with help from the school Governors. Surely NYCC have a model for every road regarding saturation point? Where does Bar Lane stand?


Housing and Land availability All Land owners in the village have been asked if they have any land available for housing or parking and all have said “no”. If housing is needed then Roecliffe have land on the far side of the A 168 in the field where there is one of the three arrows. This is land we can put forward for building. As far as the village is concerned we are partly protected by the “Roecliffe Conservation Area Character Appraisal” carried out by HBC in 2008. As to what housing is necessary then there was a 50/50 split in the survey as to those who wanted more housing and those that don’t. There is need to identify those who want new housing to find out type and numbers. 


Action for the Steering Group.


Village Meeting Place – There are three possibilities that exist: The village school, The Coach House of the Crown Inn, or the Church.

The school has told us that the village can use the school for meetings, All requests for use to go through the Headmistress. We can also use the multi-media room they have upstairs for Further Education classes etc. The P.C. to find out if we can use the kitchen for heating food/making drinks etc?


The use of The Coach House at The Crown will require discussion with Karl Mainey. We already use it for some money raising events, and we use the Restaurant for Quiz Nights.


The ChurchA meeting has to be arranged with the CCT since in July there was an article in a newspaper suggesting that the CCT would like their churches using more. To use our church would need money spending as there is no storage space, no kitchenette and no toilets! Action: fix meeting with new CCT Project Manager.

In discussion re a Village Hall, which it would be difficult to build with no land for the building or car parking, Also it means funds and people to run it. It was discovered that there is a “hall/meeting room”, which they use for games etc at the Camping and Caravanning Club. The P.C. to investigate for possible usage.


One final hypothetical point raised concerned children living in possible new housing on the other side of the A 168. Would children have an automatic right to attend Roecliffe CofE School?  Action: Kerry Dalton.


It was decided that the timing of the next Open Meeting would be decided by the Steering Committee.


The meeting finished at 11.20am