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The Neighbourhod Plan

The decision of the Parish Council.

At the Parish Council meeting on 8th. September 2014, a decision was taken to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parishes of Roecliffe and Westwick.


There is no legal obligation to produce such a plan, it is a right conferred by this government. By the means of creating this plan, our own local community will be able to play a much stronger role in shaping our area, and to influence Harrogate Borough Council, and the North Yorkshire County Council. A positive vision can be set out of how we want our community to develop over the next 10, 15, or 20 years, in ways which make more sense to local people.


In this way, planning policies which we develop ourselves, will sit alongside the policies held by Harrogate Borough Council, and will be used when future planning decisions are being made. The plan will have legal status within the Harrogate Local Plan. In addition, the existence of the plan will lead to the potential for securing funds for the village from Commuted Sums raised by HBC from developers.


A committee of local people has been formed from those who responded to the flyer on this subject a few weeks ago. Their task is to produce the Neighbourhood Plan. There is a lot of work to do, and it is anticipated that it may take up to a couple of years to complete, although there are no deadlines. Anyone who feels they would like to contribute by joining our committee will be welcomed.


An open invitation is made to anyone to offer assistance or contribution, in any way or on any related subject that they consider relevant to our goal. It is intended that this plan will represent the community opinion as far as is possible; from time to time we will make personal contact with residents to make sure of this. Please let us have your suggestions. We intend to communicate with you regularly, to keep you informed of progress and content. There is nothing confidential in these proceedings.


Please kindly take a few minutes to read the Vision Statement on the 'Home' page and also brought by hand to your residence, and when you have a few minutes please take a look at the accompying questionnaire. A further call to your home will be made to try and get the best indication of your views by this means. Alternatively, please let me have the completed questionnaire back through my letterbox, by e-mail, or via the receptacle in the telephone box.


Contact e-mails are listed, along with phone numbers and addresss for those who prefer to communicate in those ways.


Dave Siswick.    March 2015.

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